Terms and Conditions

This free Internet wireless access is made possible thanks to ZAP Québec (a non-lucrative organization) and to the business or institution that provides the bandwidth into this ZAP (zone d’accès public) hotspot. It is supported by volunteers and offered generously and without a guarantee of quality. To ensure the longevity of the ZAP Québec project, the users must conform to the following conditions:

Terms and Conditions for Users

  • It is forbidden to use the service for illegal activities. The user assumes the entire responsibility of such use and commits to compensate ZAP Québec and the bandwidth provider for any fee that such use could cause.
  • The provided wireless connection is not encrypted. It is up to the users to use secure protocols if they wish to protect their passwords and other confidential information.
  • It is primordial to respect other users and personnel of the premises where the service is offered.
  • A valid electronic mail address is necessary to create an account. It can be anonymous, but must be persistent. This address will only be used to send messages in direct relation with the activities of ZAP Québec.
  • The name of all the users for a ZAP hotspot can be displayed for other users of the same ZAP hotspot.
  • The service is offered for mobile and temporary use, for the good of the community. Regular or intensive use of the service from a home or work place is considered abuse, unless approved by ZAP Québec or the ZAP hotspot provider.
  • It is forbidden to convey or share, by any means possible, bandwidth provided in the ZAP hotspots.

Terms and Conditions for ZAP Québec

  • In order to protect the privacy of users, no nominative information shall be published, revealed, transmitted, or sold to a third party without the explicit consent of each user, unless a search warrant or a court order forces us to do so.
  • The only information that will be archived without your explicit permission is the following: a valid email address, the MAC address of the device used for the connection, the length, the name of the ZAP hotspot used and the amount of data transmitted during each connection.
  • No archiving of content or destination of your data traffic shall be accomplished. Exceptionally, its nature could be analysed in order to localise a technical problem.

ZAP Québec Rights

In order to ensure a service of the highest possible quality and to ensure the longevity of the project, ZAP Québec has the rights to:

  • Instate a bandwidth limit (in speed or amount).
  • Disable an account to whose owner did not respect the aforementioned responsibilities or tried to avoid the control mechanisms by the means of multiple accounts or any other means.
  • Block outgoing SMTP connections.

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