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Make a donation (via Paypal)

Why make a donation to ZAP Québec?

If you appreciate the service that ZAP Québec is offering in its ZAP hotspots, and you wish to contribute to the development of the network, making a donation is a concrete gesture. Even if you do not use the service, you can nevertheless support the project. Simply click this link to make your donation, with the help of the PayPal service.

How will the funds be used?

ZAP Québec is a non-lucrative entity, totally managed and operated by volunteers. On the other hand, to support our project, we must spend money, for exemple, to print stickers for network members, to print informational and promotional documents, to maintain our servers, to buy the necessay equipment to install hotspots, and so on. Part of these costs is covered by the annual membership fee paid by each hotspot, but we always need funds to help ZAP Québec in its evolution.

Isn’t ZAP Québec supposed to be free?

Absolutely. It is now and will always be. It is the core of our mission. But a donation is a concrete gesture from your part to support this initiative, if you consider it is worth something. And we are convinced it is. Thank you.

How much should I donate?

You decide. We will be happy to receive $2, as we will be if you decide to give $100. We suggest that you to make your donation according to what you think the service given by ZAP Québec is worth to you  »’and »’ the community.


Nous remercions nos fiers partenaires :

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